Installation, Underwear, Concrete and postcards, 15 meters high by 5 meters, 2023

This installation is made of 1330 pairs of underpants, that were gathered during the last year from about 300 women throughout Israel. The underpants are sewed together into a camouflage netting, and in its center hangs a concrete cast, within which are postcards, including a photograph of mine from my military service as a combat soldier in the Caracal battalion. From my own experience in a militant feminine space, I deal with feminine formations of violence. The installation is a personal space for confessing my memories from that period.

photography: Daniel Hanoch

Video: Pavel Dmitrochenko

‘Save the Date’ is a manipulated photograph capturing a poignant moment from my military service as a combat soldier in the Karakal unit. The image prominently features the phrase ‘Save the Date,’ typically associated with wedding invitations. This juxtaposition symbolizes the challenge of disengaging from the memories associated with that period—a disconcerting thought that persists despite endeavors to transform the wedding occasion into an unforgettable experience. The caption poignantly expresses the struggle to relinquish the grip of those memories, Akin to an intrusive notion that resists release.