Tamar Hecht, born in 1997, is an installation sculpture artist. She is a graduate of the art department at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and creates installation sculpture works that are site and space specific. She obtained an art teaching certificate from the Hebrew University. Hecht draws from her experience during her military service as a combat soldier in caracal and explores the theme of military violence within Israeli society.

She participated in a group exhibition titled “Collective Export – Fences and Fences” in 2023, and also took part in a group sculpture exhibition at Barbor Gallery in 2021.

Additionally, she served as an assistant to artist Hila Toni Navok during her first year of sculpture classes in the art department at Bezalel. She also worked as an assistant to the artist and goldsmith Maya Ben David.

Furthermore, Tamar Hecht is a trustee in the wood and iron workshops at Bezalel Academy, and she also works at the academy’s student dean’s office.

Artist Statement

Through the creation of objects and their arrangement in sculptural arrays, I explore autobiographical themes that include the dynamics between my parents following their divorce, my mother’s subsequent relationship with a woman, and my experience as a fight combat soldiers in the Caracal regiment during my military service.

The materials I use carry significant cultural connotations, imbued with multiple layers of meaning. I utilize various ready-made materials, such as plastic tablecloths, children’s toys, and used underwear, in conjunction with industrial raw materials like plaster, concrete, wax, and tar. Through extended and intensive experimentation with these materials, I uncover new connections to my personal narrative.

My primary sculpting techniques involve traditional crafts such as knitting and sewing, which generate an intimate space within the artworks. Additionally, I incorporate conventional sculpting techniques like casting, welding, and woodworking.